It is almost time for children to hang up their bathing suits, put away their bikes and go back to school in Kennewick, WA. Without preparation, busier morning schedules can mean a lack of oral hygiene, leaving children vulnerable to tooth decay and other oral health problems. By incorporating these four tips into your daily routine, you can help to ensure your child’s health.

1. Brush Teeth Before Breakfast
Most families are too busy getting ready for the day to sit down for breakfast, meaning many children eat on their way to school or even at school. Have your child brush his or her teeth upon waking. This prevents the problem of not being able to brush their teeth at school.

2. Drink Water, Not Juice
Juice tastes great, but nearly every type is laden with sugar. Excess sugar causes tooth enamel to diminish, leaving your child susceptible to cavities and other oral health problems. Water is healthy, hydrating and will not cause tooth decay. If your son or daughter must have something with a sweet taste to it, infuse the water with fresh fruits.

3. Buy Mouth Guards
If your son or daughter plays contact sports that leave him or her prone to accidental injury, purchase mouth guards to protect their teeth. Store-bought guards are fine, but if you would like extra protection for your child, a dentist can design a custom guard for a perfect fit.

4. Have Regular Dental Checkups
Regular dental checkups are important for your son or daughter. Add it into your back-to-school routine to ensure proper oral hygiene, prevent cavities and catch minor problems before they become major situations. Dr. Andrew Mohlman, a dentist in Kennewick, WA, has experience providing dental exams for children of all ages.

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