A trip to the dentist can be a frightening experience for many people. While this fear can be truly debilitating for certain individuals, it does not mean that you should get out of seeing our dental professionals regularly. If your anxiety is preventing you from getting the dental treatment you need, then talk to our team about sedation dentistry in Kennewick, WA.  

The Benefits of Laughing Gas

While one form of sedation dentistry is colloquially referred to as “laughing gas,” the more professional term for it is nitrous oxide. This is a very common form of sedation that has benefited numerous patients throughout the years. This treatment works by inhaling a colorless, odorless gas. It may not make you literally laugh, but it will put you more at ease. You will still be awake, but the feeling of trepidation normally associated with getting dental treatment subsides.

The great thing is that at the end of the treatment, the gas fades away naturally. You will quickly return to normal, and a major benefit is that you can drive home after the procedure. Laughing gas is a viable method for all patients, so if you have children who are scared of getting their teeth cleaned by our dentist, talk to our professionals about nitrous oxide.

Other Forms of Sedation Dentistry

Depending on the treatment you are getting or your level of dental phobia, a more powerful form of sedation might be required. Some other methods you should talk to our professionals about include:

  • Oral sedation
  • IV sedation 
  • General anesthesia

Get the Treatment You Need Right Away

You should never delay getting the procedures you need for healthy teeth and gums. Dr. Andrew Mohlman is here to help patients from all walks of life, so schedule an appointment today!