Has your dentist told you that your wisdom teeth have to come out? This can be a bit perplexing if they’ve already grown in or are impacted below the bone, but you general dentist is right. Why?    

When Is Removal Necessary?    

Before we address impacted or already grown in cases, here are a few common reasons your dentist will recommend removal:   

·         Spacing Issues: Wisdom teeth are extra molars and not everyone has enough space in their jaw to accommodate them. As they come in, they can push your other teeth around and ruin the effects of your braces or otherwise beautiful smile.  

·         Swollen Gums: As you teeth come in, the gum tissue in the area may swell and become difficult to clean due to sensitivity.  

·         Jaw Damage: Cysts frequently form around these new additions and if left unattended, they hollow your jawbone and can damage nerves.  

·         Sinus Problems: Your wisdom teeth can cause undue pressure and pain in your sinuses.  

·         Tooth Damage: As your other teeth are pushed around, you may experience bite issues or mouth pain.  

·         Cavities: Because of their position, wisdom teeth are especially hard to keep clean, making them very susceptible to cavities.    

The Top Reason: Prevention   

Even if the above issues don’t seem to apply to your case, most dentists will recommend removal as a preventative act. Your wisdom teeth aren’t essential to your bite and if impacted cases are left untouched, they teeth may decide to burst through later. In addition to the cavity risk, most professionals agree it's better to remove them before any issue occurs.   

Hopefully, you understand why your dentist recommends extracting your wisdom teeth in Kennewick, WA. If you have any more questions about wisdom teeth, ask Dr. Andrew Mohlman to give you a run down of how the procedure benefits your unique oral health. Reach out at 844.619.2298 to schedule your visit.