Are you experiencing a pain or in your mouth or a toothache in Kennewick, WA? Without the help of a dental professional, it might be hard to tell, so here’s a guide to help you out.

What Are Standard Toothache Symptoms?

Besides feeling an ache near a tooth, you could also experience some of the following:

• Facial rash
• Chest pain
• Sharp or dull tooth pain
• Jaw pain
• Excessive pain
• Difficulty chewing or swallowing
• Bleeding from the gum line

What’s Behind a Toothache?

The cause for a toothache will vary depending on your medical history and situation. However, these are the most common causes:

Wisdom teeth
• Tooth decay
• Cavities
• Cracked tooth
• Periodontal or gum disease
• Recent trauma
• Allergies
• Sinus issues

Tips for Surviving a Toothache

You can manage toothache symptoms in the same way you might manage a cold or similar ailment. First, keep a record of the ache including when it started, the type of pain, temperature sensitivity and the severity of it. You can also try:

• Over-the-counter pain medicine
• Cool compresses
• Oral numbing gel (over-the-counter)
• Maintaining high oral hygiene

You Should Call a Dentist When…

How do you know when your toothache is severe enough to warrant medical attention? If you experience these symptoms you should call us as soon as possible:

• The ache lasts more than 2 days.
• The ache causes severe pain.
• Chills or fever become a symptom.
• It’s painful to open your mouth.
• You have an earache as well.

If you are worried and don’t have the above symptoms, you are always welcome to schedule an appointment with us.

Give Us a Call Now

If you are suffering from a toothache, make sure you consult with a professional before giving yourself a diagnosis. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Mohlman, call us today.