Dental crowns can enhance the appearance of your teeth while strengthening their structure. Crowns can address a number of dental woes, such as extensive decay, chips, breaks, discoloration, and in some circumstances, orthodontic issues. Crowns are custom created to match the surrounding teeth. Our dentist will consider the color, shape, and size of your teeth in order to provide you with a natural looking, beautiful restoration. We incorporate advanced technology into our practice, so you can receive same day dental crowns.

What Are Same Day Dental Crowns?
Same day crowns allow you to transform your smile in just one visit. Using E4D technology, our dentist can obtain a digital representation of your mouth, without goopy impressions or uncomfortable x-rays. A beautiful, natural looking dental crown in Kennewick, WA, can be created on-site, in minutes. We use ceramic material, which can be used seamlessly, even for highly visible front teeth, and provide an ideal match for color, shape, and size. The permanent dental crown is placed at the same visit.

Three Major Differences between Traditional Crowns and Same Day Crowns
1. Less time in the dentist’s chair. Traditional crowns are performed in several appointments over the span of 2-3 weeks while same day crowns are completed in a single visit.
2. No temporary crowns needed. With traditional crowns, a temporary crown is placed in the initial visit, which is worn while the permanent dental crown is ordered from an off-site lab. It rarely looks natural and may be uncomfortable or unstable. These temporary crowns are unnecessary with E4D technology.
3. No “bite-down” x-rays or impressions. When performed with E4 technology, a digital scan of your oral environment provides your doctor with a comprehensive view of your teeth, bone, and nerves. The scan is quick and painless. 

Would you like to learn more about your options? Call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew T. Mohlman for same day dental crowns in Kennewick, WA. Discover how you can improve your smile in just one appointment.