Each day, the link between dental health and overall health strengthens. Research has provided information that shows a correlation between gum disease and a growing number of illnesses. This is actually good news. It means that a good dental health routine can keep you healthier. It also means that scheduling regular annual checkups with your dentist can provide early detection and treatment, lowering your risk for systemic illness.

Systemic Illness with Ties to Poor Dental Health

The bacterial infection and resulting inflammation of gum disease has been directly linked to the following conditions:

·         Heart disease

·         Stroke

·         Diabetes

·         Respiratory conditions

·         Certain types of cancer

·         Memory loss

·         Low birth weights and premature births

Your Dentist May Be the First to Know if There Is a Problem

Your dental health can indicate the existence of additional problems. Patients may experience bleeding gums, ulcers, bad breath, dry mouth, and more. These changes in the state of the oral environment will provide your dentist with signs of potential trouble, including:

·         Teeth grinding

·         TMJ/TMD

·         Thyroid issues

·         Asthma and other respiratory conditions

·         Sleep disorders

·         HIV

·         Oral cancer

·         Digestive problems

·         Drug or alcohol abuse

·         Osteoporosis

·         Kidney Disease

Maintain Your Health with Regular Visits to the Dentist

Partner with your dentist to protect your dental health. Be sure to schedule regular appointments for exams and dental cleanings. While there, talk to your dentist and hygienist about your health. Dr. Andrew Mohlman encourages patients to discuss medical conditions and prescriptions, including supplements. He also recommends that patients ask lots of questions to ensure that they get the latest information and take an active role in their dental health.

If you are looking for a dentist to help you protect your dental health in Kennewick, WA, contact our office today. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mohlman and discover how we can help you protect oral and overall health.