For anyone who has broken or cracked a tooth and is familiar with the traditional process of getting a crown, same-day dental crowns seem miraculous. A process that used to take three weeks has been shortened to a single dental visit. While traditional lab-created crowns are still an effective form of cosmetic dentistry, the advanced technology used in making same-day dental crowns in Kennewick, WA, improves the overall patient experience.

5 Ways That Same-Day Crowns Can Enhance Your Life

1.       There is no need for uncomfortable film x-rays or awkward goopy impressions that add time to your appointment. These methods are associated with traditional crowns.

2.       The E4D equipment for same-day crowns utilizes lasers to measure your teeth. This allows for the greatest precision when making your dental crowns. These measurements are sent immediately to the software that carves your customized crowns from a block of ceramic material.

3.       Your dental crowns will be color matched and created by your doctor, with an in-house milling unit. The crowns are made of ceramic, which means that they are mercury-free and will not reveal a black line at your gum line. They are tooth colored all the way around.

4.       You will not have to wear temporary dental crowns. Typical temporary crowns looked unnatural and often, would come loose before your permanent crowns were ready. This involved yet another trip to the dentist.

5.       Dental crowns are permanently placed during the same visit. Traditional crowns were scheduled in three visits over the course of three weeks.

Same-day crowns offer greater comfort, convenience, and beauty. Are you interested in same-day dental crowns in Kennewick, WA? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew T. Mohlman to learn more about same-day crowns. Dr. Mohlman is trained and experienced in the placement of this advanced cosmetic dentistry technique.