One of the most transformative smile makeover tools in cosmetic dentistry is the porcelain veneer. Dental veneers are natural looking shells that are permanently bonded onto your tooth surface in order to change their size, color, and shape. With dental veneers, you can have the smile of your dreams in less than one month, from start to finish. Dr. Andrew T. Mohlman offers dental veneers in Kennewick, WA, for patients who want to dramatically and quickly improve the appearance of their smile.

1.       Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation: Initially, you will meet with Dr. Mohlman to discuss the goals you have for your smile and ensure that you are a good candidate for dental veneers. Veneers can address many cosmetic issues, such as stains, misshapen, or chipped teeth but do nothing to affect the function of your teeth. A consultation will help you decide how to best achieve your goals.

2.       Preparing the Teeth: At this visit, Dr. Mohlman would prepare your teeth to accommodate the veneers. A small amount of enamel must be removed in order to bond the veneers in place. Once your teeth are ready, an impression must be taken. This impression will be sent to the lab in order to create your custom dental veneers. It can take up to two weeks.

3.       Placing the Veneers:  When your dental veneers are ready, Dr. Mohlman will schedule your visit for permanent placement. Your teeth will be etched to help the veneer adhere to the tooth surfaces. Once dental veneers are carefully laid in place, an ultraviolet light is used to expedite the hardening of the adhesive.

4.       Follow Up: It is important to have a follow up visit to ensure that you are happy with the way your dental veneers look and feel.

Would you like to learn more about makeovers with dental veneers in Kennewick, WA? Call our office to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Mohlman. He would be happy to help you transform your smile.