How do you find an affordable dentist? When looking for a new dentist, most people blindly select someone from their insurance plan while those without insurance may wait for an emergency to find the first doctor who will accommodate their urgent need for dental care. Unfortunately, neither of these methods results in much success because finding a skilled, affordable dentist, with whom you feel comfortable, can take time. The best way to find the right affordable dentist in Kennewick, WA, is to schedule consultations and get to know the doctors before you place your valuable smile in their hands.

What to Consider When Searching for an Affordable Dentist

1.       Location: Is the dentist on the way to your home or workplace? Driving a significant distance to and from an appointment for dental work may deter you from scheduling a visit.

2.       Convenience: Does the dentist operate outside the 9-5? Can you get a weekend, evening, or emergency appointment, if your schedule demands it?

3.       Technology: Does the affordable dentist offer new advancements in dentistry? While it is true that traditional dentistry is effective, most patients would prefer to have laser surgery over surgery with a scalpel. Diagnostics have been improved with digital x-rays and scans, as well.

4.       Cost: Does the dentist take your insurance or do they offer financing? When you need extensive dental work, you want to know what you can expect.

5.       Communication: Does the dentist seem invested in patient education and communication? You will want to see a doctor who gives you the tools you need for excellent dental care at home and partners with you to create your treatment plan.

Education and experience are often difficult to determine in a consultation, unless you are having a particular procedure performed, like dental implants. It may be a better idea to do some research for online reviews and find out what others have said.

If you are looking for an affordable dentist Kennewick, WA, come meet Dr. Andrew T. Mohlman. Call our office to schedule a new patient consultation and let us help you improve the health of your smile.