Where does fear of the dentist come from? It could be caused by a bad experience with a childhood dentist, fear of needles, or intense anxiety at the thought of tooth pain. Whatever the reason, it is more common than your dentist would like and it might keep you from seeking treatment. Fortunately, most patients respond favorably with sedation dentistry in Kennewick, WA, an option offered by Dr. Andrew Mohlman to help patients relax during dental care treatments.

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Ease Dental Anxiety

Beyond local and topical anesthetic, which numbs the area at and around the treatment site, there is the option of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can produce feelings of relaxation when breathed in. The depth of sedation can be controlled by your doctor. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide offers relief from anxiety and discomfort. In addition, the effects are temporary and will last only while you are breathing it in. This allows you to drive yourself to and from your appointment.

Additional sedation methods include oral sedation, prescribed in pill form, and conscious I.V. sedation. With I.V.  sedation, or “sleep dentistry”, medication is administered intravenously and while patients remain conscious throughout their visit, they remember very little about their procedure.

Who Might Consider Sedation Dentistry?

·         Anyone with a fear of dentistry, needles, or dental drills

·         Patients with an active gag reflex

·         People who were traumatized by a previous experience

·         Those with sensitive teeth or a small mouth

·         Patients needing complex or extensive dental work

If you have been avoiding treatment due to dental anxiety, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mohlman to learn about sedation dentistry in Kennewick, WA. Dr. Mohlman offers nitrous oxide to relieve anxiety and tooth pain, allowing you to undergo treatment more comfortably.