Same day dental crowns revolutionized the repair procedures of severely damaged teeth. At our office in Kennewick, WA Dr. Andrew T. Molman makes use of new E4D technology to speed up your treatment, reduce your discomfort and improve the final results.
It Only Takes One Visit
Crowns are ceramic replacements for the top portion of a tooth. Before same day dental crown technology, a dentist ordered replacements from a supplier. Now the entire procedure is completed in one location.
 ·         You receive an anesthetic before the procedure
 ·         Doctor Molman removes the top portion of the tooth 
 ·         Laser imaging technology captures a digital rendering of the remaining tooth
 ·         Sophisticated CAD software designs the replacement prosthetic
·         An automated mill grinds the crowns from stock material while you wait
·         Doctor Molman cements the new crown into place
Before this method, patients wore temporary crowns for several weeks until their permanent crowns arrived through the mail. They had to return for another visit to finish the procedure. Problems with the orders resulted in delays and more office visits. They Fit Better
The imaging technology takes precise measurements. Older style molds were adequate but inaccurate. A dentist often had to reshape the crown to perfect the fit. The E4D technology produces a much better product.
They Create a Natural Look
Slight differences in shading between a crown and your remaining teeth throw off the balance of your appearance. The problems are easy to correct with the E4D technology. Replacement crowns match the natural color of your teeth. There is no need to wait for a new crown to replace one that doesn’t work quite right.
The E4D technology expands our capabilities. We save the root of your teeth and provide an attractive and functional prosthetic. It also works to create bridges for your molars. Get into contact with our office and find out how we can help you today.