For decades, crowning a tooth has been a lengthy process that involves the cooperation of many different professionals in the dental field. Typical processes involved making measurements and sending out for the individualized manufacture of a specifically fit piece of gold or porcelain. That dental crown then had to be fixed over the tooth carefully, in a fitting process that could be very long or very short depending on the details of the case. Due to the manufacturing times, it could take a month or two before patients possessed permanent crowns.  
Luckily, today, same day crowns are available from a variety of dental service providers, including Dr. Mohlman. These crowns come with a variety of advantages, too.  
How These New Crowns Are Fit  
The reason that dental crowns can now be produced on the same day the patients are measured for them is because of two new pieces of equipment. The first is the 3D printer, which allows for the manufacture of ceramic implants in a single day through the use of extrusion technology. The second piece of tech is the equipment used to measure your mouth, which is both precisely calibrated and computer controlled. The result is that the 3D printer can use the image to produce your new crown.  
Advantages of Same Day Crowns  
·         No lengthy period with a temporary crown that may turn out to be fragile
·         Faster protection for your tooth after a root canal
·         Durable, natural looking ceramic builds
·         Precise manufacture using computer-guided imaging  
These crowns are designed to last just as long as other ceramic crowns, but even if they are damaged by unforeseen events, you can easily get them repaired or replaced now that same day service is available from your dentist.  
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