Dental crowns are used to treat a wide variety of dental conditions. Dental professionals use different types of crowns based on the individual needs of the patient, and crowns are a valuable option to those with a broken or chipped tooth. Before you undergo dental treatment, we want you to understand a few commonly questions about getting a dental crown in Kennewick, WA.

1. When Are Crowns Necessary?

Crowns are often used to cover a tooth after a root canal in order to prevent breakage and keep the teeth strong. They may also be used to fix a discolored tooth or implant and to stabilize the teeth after a bridge is placed. Some dentists use crowns to prevent decay on baby teeth.

2.  What Is the Procedure Like?

There are two visits required when a crown is placed. During the first visit, the tooth is filed and prepared and a mold is taken so a permanent crown can be created at the lab. A temporary crown is then placed until the permanent is ready, usually about two weeks later.

3. Do They Last Forever?

When placed correctly and in the right situation, a permanent crown last anywhere from 15-20 years. This involves proper cleaning and maintenance similar to what you perform on your normal teeth.

4. What Materials Are Used to Make Crowns

Crowns come in several different forms and types.  A metal alloy with stainless steel, platinum and gold is often used to make metal crowns. When a porcelain shell is fused to a metal crown, it is considered a fused-to-metal crown. Other materials used to make crowns are from ceramic, resin or zirconia. Each material has benefits and drawbacks, and the right crown for one person may be totally different than another.

Any Additional Questions?

If you feel you need a crown or have additional questions about how they work, give us a call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mohlman. He can assess your individual situation and determine which dental treatment is appropriate to restore your teeth.