Can what you put into your body help keep your teeth stay as white as possible? Research says “Yes!” There are several foods that naturally help get your teeth whiter in between teeth whitening treatments in Kennewick, WA at our dentist office.

The next time you crave a snack, reach for one or more of these tooth whitening treats:

1.      Apples. Apples and other crunchy foods like celery help keep your teeth clean by promoting the production of saliva. Saliva is a crucial tool in removing particles and stain-causing items from your mouth. An added benefit is that they are low-calorie, so you can feel good about eating them.

2.      Strawberries. Does it surprise you to learn that a food known for its redness may be a tooth whitener? Strawberries contain a special acid, malic acid. When rubbed on your teeth, this acid will help remove stains. Throw a few strawberries in a blender, and apply them to your teeth. Wait a few minutes, then rinse.

3.      Baking soda. Baking soda is not just handy for making baked goods. It is abrasive enough to help you brush debris from the enamel of your teeth. Consider purchasing toothpastes that contain baking soda, or brush your teeth with baking soda once in a while. Remember that baking soda has a saltiness, so be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly after each use.

4.      Dairy products. Hard cheeses are great for your teeth, and the bonus is that you will get calcium. Calcium assists your teeth in staying strong. So eat up all the good dairy stuff in your fridge like yogurt, milk and fresh wedges of parmesan!

5.      Water. Surprise! The H2O you drink on a daily basis is actually helping you with your tooth whitening! Water rinses all the bad stuff, including bacteria, from your mouth. The less stain-producing particulate on your teeth, the less chance that your teeth will turn yellow.

Certainly, it is ultimately normal for your teeth to get darker as you age. If you have tried all the natural tooth whitening methods and still want a brighter smile, visit our dentist for some in-office treatments.