The holiday season is an exciting time of year, filled with family, friends and delicious meals. While there may be more of an abundance of decadent food and drinks available, it is possible to stay healthy during the holidays while still indulging and enjoying the season.  

Dr. Andrew Mohlman has four tips to help keep our bodies and mouths happy this time of year, and make transitioning into the New Year a breeze. 

1. Don’t forget to eat breakfast. If you are planning a big lunch or dinner, don’t skip on the most important meal of the day. While it may seem counterintuitive, eating a small, healthy breakfast can curb your appetite and help you make healthier choices throughout the day.
2. Get active. Exercising, even taking a brisk walk can help relieve holiday stress and burn a few calories along with it. Try walking first thing in the morning to start your day off right or after dinner. 
3. It’s all about moderation. The holiday season may not be the best time to begin a new diet or restrict yourself from your favorite foods. Instead, fill your plate first with healthy items such as lean meats and plenty of fresh vegetables before heading for the rich items. Since your plate will be full of healthful choices, you won’t have as much room for the more calorie-dense or sweet foods. This way, you can still enjoy the indulgences that go along with the holidays, but will feel better about balancing your meals.
4. Drink plenty of water. Water is beneficial not only to aiding the body with digestion, but it can also help rinse away food particles and prevent sugar from sticking to the teeth, which can help prevent gum disease

We hope you enjoy the holidays and all of the fun that goes along with it. If you have any concerns about your oral health or would like to schedule a routine exam with Dr. Mohlman, our dentist in Kennewick, WA, contact our office today.