Dental crowns are an effective replacement solution for damaged and missing teeth, but these procedures often take time to complete. Dr. Mohlman is able to offer the fastest procedure for fitting a dental Crown in Kennewick, WA by using his advanced E4D scanner.

What is an E4D scanner?
It is a sophisticated digital scanner that models and fabricates porcelain restoration devices. It can create new crowns, veneers, and inlays the same day that you are in the office for your procedure. This machine is rare, but it dramatically enhances the quality of care that our patients receive.

In the past, complicated restoration work required at least two visits. During the first visit, your doctor would remove the damaged portions of your teeth and take impressions. These impressions would be sent to a dental lab where the ceramic replacements were created. Several weeks later, you would return for the installation. 

During the time in between visits patients must wear temporary replacements. Problems can arise during those two to three weeks:
You could experience pain from exposed nerves at the root of your teeth.
Teeth can form cracks as a result of pressures placed on weakened sections.
The temporary caps can pop off and become lost.

With same day replacement capabilities, these risks are eliminated, and you do not require a separate visit to have your new replacements installed.

How does the E4D scanner work?
Initially, the procedure is very similar. Your doctor numbs the treated area and removes the damaged portions of your teeth. The procedure changes when the E4D scanner comes into play:
A laser probe takes a digital image of your teeth.
Advanced software models the replacement.
A milling machine creates your new replacements out of porcelain right in the office.
The doctor fits these replacements directly onto your teeth.

The E4D scanner is safer and more accurate than the conventional method. It takes just a few minutes to create the images used to model your teeth, and there is no third party lab to consult with for your ceramics.  Some patients even like to watch their new teeth being milled.

To provide the best possible care to our patients, we make the E4D digital scanner available whenever possible. Call our office at 844-835-2645 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mohlman.