Technology Behind Same Day Crowns

A dental crown is often applied on teeth that are cracked, damaged or weak. Crowns can be used to restore a tooth, perform bridge work and to complete a dental implant procedure. In the past, patients have been required to visit Dr. Mohlman several times to have a crown placed. The first appointment is used to prep the tooth and take a mold to create the new tooth, and a temporary crown was placed. The mold was then sent off to a lab and after it was created it was sent back to our office.  The patient then returned to have the final crown placed by our dentist.

At A Family Dental Center, we are excited to offer our patients the new E4D technology, which allows us to prepare, create and place a crown in the same day. With same day crowns, you save time and money.

How It Works

While there are many technical aspects of the E4D technology, we broke it down into the basics for our patients.

Same day crowns are used to hold fillings in place, cover discolored teeth, enhance the appearance of the tooth, strength a tooth’s structure and restore a tooth to its normal size and shape.

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If you have been putting off getting a crown because you don’t have the time for multiple visits, we have the solution for you. With new technology, dental treatment is becoming easier every day. Contact us in Kennewick, WA today to schedule an appointment to learn more!