What Is the Pinhole Surgical Technique?

Gum disease ruins the soft tissues of your mouth and causes your gums to recede. When left untreated, surgical methods are necessary to repair the damage. Does that sound intimidate? Don’t worry. At our office, Dr. Andrew T. Mohlman employs the new Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) whenever possible.
A Noninvasive Procedure
A receding gum line exposes the roots of your teeth. It’s unsightly, and it leaves your teeth vulnerable to damage and loss. Sometimes a deep cleaning is enough to encourage healthy growth of gum tissues, but not always. The pinhole surgical procedure is a fast way to treat the problem and recovery times are minimal. Most patients experience only minor swelling or bleeding. You also benefit from the cosmetic and functional aspects of a healthy gum line right away.
Here’s how it works:
 ·         Your mouth is numbed with an anesthetic
 ·         A cleaning procedure removes all infectious debris
 ·         Doctor Mohlman uses a special tool to create pinhole entry points in your gums
 ·         The tool lifts and drags your gums back into proper position
 ·         Collagen inserts stabilize the gums in place while they heal
Before this procedure, a dentist or oral surgeon had to rely on gum tissue grafts. This older method requires surgical removal of gum tissue from the patient’s mouth. This tissue is then used to repair other damaged areas. Stitches held those patches in place. While still a useful technique, operating and recovery times are longer.
Are You a Candidate for the Procedure?
When possible, this new technique is preferable to full-scale surgery, but there must still be enough gum tissue present for the procedure to work. In severe cases, there’s still hope. A gum tissue graft is often a viable solution and can help to save your teeth from further damage.
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