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Trigger Point Injections - Kennewick, WA 


Many people suffer from mild to moderate facial pain, whether it's from headaches, migraines, stress, or TMJ dysfunction. After a thorough examination, Dr. Mohlman can help determine if botulinum toxin injections would help relieve TMJ syndrome, migraine or tension headaches, and a wide range of facial pain symptoms. Traditional treatment modalities for TMJ pain may include bite guards, removal of wisdom teeth, and even full mouth reconstructions. Often these result in limited success. Botulinum toxin and trigger point injections in the head and neck muscles are very effective treatments and can provide relief for several months.

Injections take just a few minutes to accomplish and patients typically begin to see results within 3-5 days following the injections and the effects last 3 months, on average. After 2-3 treatments, many patients lose the habit which accompanies repetitive grinding or clenching of teeth.