If a busy lifestyle has put your dental health on the back burner, the rest of your family may be suffering too. Now, you need dental health care not just for you but everyone in your household. However, the answer is as simple as finding a family dentist. Dentist Dr. Andrew Mohlman in Kennewick, MA offers general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry services for all ages. That way, you can get the following advantages that come with having a family dentist serving everyone you love.

1. You can stack appointments.
From a purely practical standpoint, having a family dentist makes a lot of scheduling sense. With one call to the office, you can set up appointments for you, your spouse, and kids. Often, a family dentist will try to set the appointments on the same day, if possible. This helps you avoid running back and forth. It can also make billing your insurance carrier more streamlined because all the paperwork will come from one provider.

2. The dentist can be on the lookout for oral health patterns.
A family dentist who treats both parents and children will begin to learn about any hereditary factors that could come into play later. For instance, a mom who tends to have a lot of cavities due to weak enamel may have children with the same condition. The family dentist can ensure the kids have stronger, more protected enamel so they avoid decay.

3. A family dentist will notice red flags.
One of the other big key to having a family dentist is the dentist’s ability to notice indicators of potential concern very early. Having years of x-rays and reports can help dental providers like Dr. Mohlman stay ahead of everything from gingivitis to receding gums. If you went to new dentists all the time, they might not see trends in your dental health.

4. You will get a higher level of personalized care.
At our office, patients really become like family. This helps us give more customized care because we learn what matters most to them. We recognize when a teen patient is unhappy about crooked or gapped teeth and offer orthodontic solutions. And we understand how sensitive it can be for aging adults to weight dentures versus dental implants. The more your family dentist understands you, the better overall dental health care you can receive.

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